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   Quality Policy


   Thillai Engineering Works is committed to meeting the customer requirements and achieve customer  satisfaction by manufacturing and supplying Quality Forgings strictly as per  specification and  standards. With a well established Quality Management System we are continually improving the quality of our products. 



  • To adopt appropriate Production Processes.

  • To Provide periodical training to all personnel and verify the effectiveness.

  • To Provide a suitable and safe environment.

  • To Periodically review the Quality Management system with the concept of Continual improvement and customer satisfaction.

Quality Control Measures

   Our objective is to satisfy the various quality aspects and our motto is “ Customer Satisfaction”.

In line with this, quality checks start from the receipt of raw materials in Stores. We conduct detailed checks for chemical composition of steel, Marco, grain size and inclusions rating , etc. before accepting the material from the supplier. Necessary colour coding is provided to identify the grade of steel in our raw material stores.


Forging dies and auxiliary tools are thoroughly inspected and certified before releasing the dies to the forge shop. 100% hot inspection is carried out by using hot inspection gauges to control the critical die closure dimensions during the forging stage itself. Die closed forgings are moved for necessary heat treatment process and 100% hardness check is carried out to confirm the hardness. Heat treated batches are examined in detail for micro structure to confirm the requirement / over heat , etc.

All the accepted forgings after heat treatment process are shot blasted and after 100% visual inspection, defect free forgings are once again checked in the Magnaflux testing machine to confirm that there are no surface defects in the forgings. Due to our stringent quality norms our unit has been approved by NTPC,IBR, NLC, PGCIL, NPCIL, Defence Organisations, Railways and NSIC Organisation, BHEL, etc. 

The company has been certified as ISO 9001-2000 by the British Standard Institution.

The company is implementing 5S Japanese Housekeeping technique


Our laboratory is equipped with 

  • Chemical analysis of all types of steel

  • Brinnel Hardness tester to check hardness of the forgings

  • Magnetic crack detection testing machine

  • Universal Testing Machine

  • Spectrum Analyser 

  • Magna flux MPI  crack  detector



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